Jasmine Brick – Content Contributor

 Jasmine has a law degree from the University of Sheffield and a Master’s in Law, Medicine and Healthcare from the University of Liverpool. When made redundant from her role in a law firm due to the Covid-19 lockdown, she threw herself into her writing and discovered a passion for journalism. Jasmine plans to piece together her passion for the legal world with her passion for feminism and female empowerment to bring encouraging and informative content to The New Collection.

Michael Hazle– Content Contributor

Michael Hazle has recently completed his undergraduate degree of BA (Hons) Journalism at the University of Lincoln, who is now interning at a cybersecurity startup in London to create dynamic article content as well as managing social media campaigns. During his studies, Michael explored the difference in broadsheet and tabloid newspaper reporting of Muslim communities during the culture war protests, aligned with the theory of media framing. He also co-created and co-hosted a television entertainment podcast called The Weekend Show, alongside being a regularly keen contributor to the student broadcast bulletin, LSJ Weekly. Outside of his studies, Michael is a keen photographer with a growing interest in long-exposure and landscape photography. The majority of his work is captured in North Wales, where he regularly travels to captivate the expansive space of Snowdonia as well as enjoying the mountainous walks and sea air. He hopes to freelance this passion alongside his journalism career.

Francesco Guerritore – Content Contributor

Francesco Guerritore is an aspiring journalist currently expanding his knowledge into Science and Psychology. He has recently completed his degree in BA(Hons) International Journalism in Liverpool at the Liverpool John Moores University. Francesco focused his last year of studies in specialising in the broadcast field, learning the basic skills for video production and editing by creating pieces of local journalism. However, he did not turn away from writing as well as growing his theoretical academic knowledge through reading books and articles, and he is now focusing on Psychology and the study of the mind. He has a data-driven analytical approach that aims at finding stories in current literature for background and consolidate facts through statistical methods. Francesco is aiming to build a free-lancing journalism careers investigating scientific matters.

Ottilie Black – Content Contributor

I love to write, look, read, listen. The written word has always been my favourite and most natural means of personal expression, while the Art of others has so often served as my inspiration.
Having just graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA in the History of Art, art forms the basis of much of my writing, although I am not limited solely to the artistic realm. Whilst on my year abroad at the University of Sydney, I was able to get involved with the student newspaper ‘Honi Soit’ as part of its editorial team, covering a broad spectrum of topics from the 2019 federal election, to the Australian Open.
I’m really looking forward to joining the team at The New Collection and being able to talk all things Art and Culture.

Oli Hammett – Content Contributor

Oli Hammett is a multimedia journalist living in London, with a particular interest in Latin American news and culture.

Pietro Galinta – Content Contributor

Pietro Galinta has recently completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Genova (Italy), where he studied Politics and International Relations. During his studies, Pietro worked for a local newspaper, “Il Cittadino – The Citizen”, where he had the opportunity to write articles on Italian General Elections of 2018.

In 2019 he attended the Erasmus+ Program at the ‘Universidad Carlos III de Madrid’, where Pietro had the opportunity to assist the Spanish General Elections of 2019. Passionate about Politics and Elections, during the Quarantine caused by Covid-19, he started a YouTube Channel called “Cotidie” (Everyday). Pietro published a video per day for seventy-five days about social media, politics and communication.

He loves social media and how they can influence our society. His Bachelor’s dissertation topic is political elections and new media. Pietro studied the most used communication strategies, how political marketing works and the role of a populist language on social media.

Alongside his collaboration with The New Collection, Pietro is a digital consultant and content creator for his YouTube channel.

Sam Bethune – Content Contributor

Sam Bethune is a recent graduate from De Montfort University with a first class undergraduate degree in Film and Journalism. During his studies, Sam took a particular interest in the theoretical framework of psychoanalysis and the ways in which it can be applied to film. His dissertation explored how useful psychoanalysis is in understanding concepts of masculinity and femininity in 40s and 50s crime and suspense thrillers.

Alongside his studies, Sam spent time as a writer for his university’s student magazine, as well as a radio producer for award winning student radio station, DemonFM. In his spare time, he enjoys playing competitive sports such as tennis and badminton. Sam is a keen creative who has recently ventured into the area of graphic design, whereby he is looking to create a range of concept art. He plans to combine his journalistic and graphic design knowledge to future work.

Sophie Swift – former Lifestyle editor and contributor. 


You can find Sophie’s literary and creative output here: INSTAGRAM