INTERVIEW: Mateus de Sá – Using COVID as a Tool to Write Music

INTERVIEW: Mateus de Sá – Using COVID as a Tool to Write Music

Last week I had the pleasure of having a virtual sit-down with one of my favourite up-and-coming musicians, Mateus de Sá. The Brazilian-born singer-songwriter has been on fire recently with songs such as Kite, In Time, WISH and ’99, Ocean Falls. His newest song, this darkness too shall pass, will become available across platforms this Wednesday.

What effect has the pandemic had on your song-writing?

I think it’s had quite a big effect. It’s been such an intense and surreal period, and much of the life I had before all of this began seems so distant and far away now. I think the pandemic and the lockdown have made me, as is probably the case with most people, more aware of how nothing in life is granted and the importance of treasuring what I have and have been blessed with in my life, and I think this sentiment can be seen throughout my recent song-writing.  

Tell us, what’s your song-writing process?

For most of my songs, I think of melodies first. I record myself at random points throughout the day when I’m feeling inspired and a random little melodic idea pops into my head. When I’m home, I pick up the guitar with that idea in mind and start building up from there, seeing where the emotion of the music takes me lyrically. My lyrics always come from a personal place, often about something that I’ve been experiencing or thinking about at the time. I find lyric-writing a therapeutic and fulfilling way of conveying my thoughts and emotions into something that other people can connect with and enjoy listening to.

Of the songs you’ve released so far, which is the one you’re most proud of? Why?

I am proud of all the songs I’ve released for different reasons, but I would likely say WISH is the one I am most proud of. It is a song that I had been working on for years before its release: the initial idea first came to me all the way back in late 2018, when I was going through a difficult time and used the song as a channel to vent and express myself. I continued steadily working and re-working on it since then for around 2 years, and it became a sort of journal of my thoughts and feelings throughout that period, so seeing it come together into a tune which I am proud of is extremely rewarding. I also will always have a soft spot for my first song Kite. For a long time, I delayed putting out my original music since I felt too self-conscious and embarrassed about it, so releasing Kite back in 2019 was crucial in building my confidence as a musician and encouraging me to keep doing what I love.

Tell us about this darkness too shall pass?

I wrote this darkness too shall pass as a way of conveying my experiences over the past year during the pandemic and lockdown, and I believe it is a song everyone will be able to relate to. The song reflects on how difficult the past year has been, but it also drives forth an uplifting message of ‘better days ahead’, and not to give up hope. Everything in life is constantly moving, never stationary, always transient and changing shape. Just as all else passes, so too will this period of solitude, of sorrow, of hardship – this darkness too shall pass. I hope this song resonates with people and means something to them in the same way that it means a lot to me. It’ll be available across platforms on Wednesday 31st March – with a music video debuting on my YouTube channel.

Do you have any projects in the pipeline that you could tell us about?

I’ve got lots and lots of songs in the works which I’m very excited to share throughout 2021, as well as collaborations in the pipeline with other upcoming artists. Most importantly, I’m working on my first album, so hopefully that will come out soon as well!

To follow his journey as a musician, check Mateus out on Instagram, TikTok, Spotify and YouTube.

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