In the Spotlight #2: The Weird and Wacky World of Artist Chloe Toone

In the Spotlight #2: The Weird and Wacky World of Artist Chloe Toone

‘In the Spotlight’ is a new series which focuses on a diverse range of young creatives who are making a difference. This second interview focuses on the weird and wacky world of Chloe Toone, owner of That’s Hot Shop, whose pieces recently gained traction on TikTok. 

The individuality of Chloe Toone’s art style is something that stares you right in the face – literally. Personifying each piece with its own pair of baby doll eyes and an expressive skin tone, she refers to her work as a mixture of hyperrealism and cartoon. This distinctive dichotomy is what drew in 19,000 viewers to Chloe’s first ever TikTok video. 

Her choice to begin posting on the platform stemmed from her realisation that Instagram is no longer what she describes as “user-friendly”. “It’s nearly impossible to really make yourself known on the app. TikTok is this whole new game where you can literally do or post whatever you like, and there’s a chance of getting noticed,” Chloe explains. 

Chloe’s first video has received 19,000 views since it was first posted. 

Studying Special Effects, Theatrical Media Makeup and Hair Artistry, it is no wonder why Chloe is fascinated by human expression. This comes as a rebuttal of years of convincing herself that she “wasn’t a very creative person” and struggling to think of her “own ideas and own style”. 

“It wasn’t until my fifth year of school that I really started exploring art in different mediums and various forms of expression. I find it so interesting how everyone has the same basic features, yet they can all look so different.” 

But this is as profound as Chloe Toone’s work gets. She describes her pieces as “more of a self-expression” of the art style that she enjoys and cheekily admits that “it’s always so funny” to see how other people react to her unique style, “especially the older generation”. Chloe currently sells her art in the form of ashtrays and incense burners on Depop beneath the username @thatshotshop. Some of her work stems away from its iconic glass-eyed gaze though, and makes the mouth a focal point instead.

Chloe’s handmade clay ashtray or trinket dish, named ‘Teef and Lips’.

Image of Chloe Toone's Teef and Lips product

As this piece teases customers with its escaping tongue, it’s easy to wonder why Chloe has made this eccentric artistic choice. “My artwork is quite weird and silly looking because it sort of reflects my personality. The best way I can describe it is that you can look at my work and not have to really understand it to be able to appreciate it.” 

And she’s right – the support she has received from her TikTok account alone has led to hundreds of new Depop followers and likes, awarding her with a “pretty regular stream of orders” that continues to allow her business to evolve. 

“Business – it’s crazy I’m in the position where I can even call it that. It started off as a small project I started up over lockdown and the response I’ve been having is honestly beyond anything I could’ve imagined. So for now, I’d like to continue what I’m doing and see where my business and artwork takes me.”

And in regards to her favourite That’s Hot Shop piece?

“I probably sound like the very typical artist when I say every piece that I make holds a special place in my heart. However if I had to pick one, it would probably be my Heart Eyes Collection which I love making and continue to sell like hotcakes over on my Depop. It was also my first design and sort of what started off this whole business for me.” 

Chloe talks of the time and care that goes into the creation of her work, but this is clear from the outset. Despite their expressive faces, it is the love that she continues to pour into her pieces that truly brings them to life. 

You can check out Chloe’s work over on TikTok @thatshotshop, and purchase her pieces directly from Depop too. 

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